Photographer & Photo Buyer Resources

Advertising Photographers Of America (APA)
Photo industry information on professional practices, standards, ethics, etc.

American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP)
Photography industry information on ethics, standards, business practices, etc.

Editorial Photographers
A priceless gem of information for photographers and photo buyers

Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS)
Clear definitions and standardization of photo licensing

Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines (UPDIG)
Digital imaging guidelines for both image creators and image receivers

US Copyright Office
Library of Congress' US Copyright Office home page. Learn about basic copyright information, download forms, and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Photographers Search USA


Digital Photography Review
A comprehensive site with reviews, buying guide, etc..

I've been shopping at B&H since I set up my first darkroom in 1980.


Fuji Film


Photography Museums

The American Museum Of Photography

California Museum Of Photography

International Center Of Photograpy

National Center Museum Of Photography, Film & Television (UK)

Photography Schools

New York Institute Of Photography


A History Of Photography
Dr. Robert Leggat, MA M.Ed FRPS FRSA, has put together this site highlighting the history of photography from its beginnings 'till the 1920s.

The Journal Of Fine Art Photography
A wonderful site highlighting the finest contemporary photographers.

Masters Of Photography
Learn about, and view photography from, the masters.
A wonderful resource offering a wealth of information. View and critique photos, learn about photography, photographic equipment, read travel stories, etc..

Web Directory ThisIsOurYear
A comprehensive searchable website directory.

Travel In Taiwan

Asia Photography Tour Taiwan
With Asia Photography Tours Taiwan, explore Taipei, one of Asia's most talked about cities, see breathtaking tea plantations and marble gorges, experience Taiwanese indigenous life and culture, Chinese temples, religion, culture, one of the fastest bullet trains in the world, Pacific Coast scenery, beach, mountains, world-class hot springs, and a whole lot more… Asia Photography Tour Taiwan offers 5 Star hotel accommodations, delicious cuisine, comfortable and spacious transportation along with one of the best photography workshops in Asia.

Green Island Adventures
If you're planning on visiting Taiwan, or if you're already here, Green Island Adventures is absolutely your best choice for tours around the island. Eddie, the owner, is a personal friend, and his agency offers the best tours around Taiwan, including exotic destinations and aboriginal villages, destinations where no other tours go. Tell Eddie I say hi.

WHOSE Travel Agency
Finding an experienced, knowledgeable and helpful travel agency with great rates can be difficult, so here's my top pick for a travel agent in Taiwan. If you're planning on visiting Asia and planning a stop in Taiwan, or if you're already in Taiwan, Dale of WHOSE Travel is your man. He's also a good friend, so tell him I say hi.

Henry Westheim Photography
If you're looking for a Taiwan photographer check out Henry's photography portfolio. He is a professional photographer specializing in commercial, corporate and editorial photography. See some of where his photos have been published at