If you're looking for a photographer in Taiwan, or a photography studio in Taiwan, we're here to help you. Asia Photo Connection offers a full-range of photography services helping the world meet their photo and image needs.

We are proud to help clients by providing the following services:

  • Assignment Photography - anywhere on the Asian continent, including the Middle East
  • Stock Photography
    • With detailed image descriptions, including historical descriptions where applicable
    • You can be assured that you get the correct image to meet your specific image requirements and needs per your request. We're based in Taiwan and we know Asia!
  • Photo research (US$75 per search - deducted from license fee of US$300 or greater)
  • Model and location scouting
  • Digital and Film capabilities
  • Digital capabilities and services include:
    • Web gallery posting of images for client viewing (US$25 per 36 images or fewer)
    • Digital retouching (US$150/hour)
    • Ftp and/or e-mail image transfer
    • CD Rom Burn (US$25 per 36 images)
    • Scanning (pricing varies depending on required file MB size)
    • ** Post Production
      • 100 images or less - US$125 flat fee (i.e. 1 hour @ US$125 per hour)
      • 100 - 250 images - US$250 flat fee (i.e. 2 hours @ US$125 per hour)
      • 250 - 500 images - US$500 flat fee (i.e. 3 - 4 hours @ US$125 per hour)
  • Studio facilities, both on and off premises.

* Research fee includes: locating images specific to image request, pulling the images, Delivery Memo preparation, shipment preparation (packaging, courier forms, etc.), or e-mail, or web gallery submission, unpacking, checking and re-filing of images upon return, etc.

** Post Production charges include: file conversion, file naming, file size adjustment, embedding copyright, licensing and image information into each image, as well as other post production requirements requiring time in front of a computer. Post Production fee is separate from individual adjustment and retouching (if necessary) of each image.

*** Turnaround time from completion of photo session to completion of work on images is 48 hours. Add 100% for 24 hour turnaround and 150% for ASAP service.